Career Opportunities

University of Riverside rewards creative, enterprising, intelligent professionals willing to accept, encourage, and initiate change. University is dedicated to setting the standard for high quality in both online and on-ground education and is looking for the right people to help ensure our continued success.
We are committed to maintaining a team of professionals that is as diverse as the students we serve. Further, we look for enterprising individuals with integrity who embrace change and are accustomed to attaining results.

We Value Diversity

University of Riverside is committed to the development of a multicultural environment. We seek greater diversity in our faculty and staff, to broaden our academic experience and to reflect the diversity that exists within our student community. We value the input of multiple viewpoints and perspectives across the university. We strive to create academic and business communities that are rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity.

Employment Opportunities

Adjunct Faculty

We are looking for doctorally qualified Adjunct Faculty members in the following areas:

  • Business Administration and Management

If you are interested, please forward your resume and application to:

Admissions/Enrollment Counselor

Position Summary:
Under general supervision, this position is responsible for advising undergraduate and graduate students regarding admissions and degree completion requirements, as well as enrolling students for the University’s graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs, requiring the use of judgment and discretion on a periodic basis. This includes developing academic plans for degree or certificate completion, following standardized University guidelines and procedures.
Must possess a general knowledge of higher education market and industry. A bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred.

Must possess a general understanding of business, education, and technology, counseling and nursing programs of study.

Must be able to demonstrate skill and ability in the Enrollment Counselor learning objectives and training proficiencies, as set forth, to successfully perform the functions listed above.

Must be results oriented and have the ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently and effectively.

Customer service, sales or marketing experience entailing one on one interaction is highly preferred.

Must possess a relatively high level of interpersonal and communication skills to accurately convey University information, as described above.

Must have an excellent command of professional presentation skills and be comfortable presenting to groups both large and small.

Must possess a valid driver’s license as local travel is generally required.
If you are interested, please forward your resume and application to: