Global Symposium on Human Capital Challenges for Knowledge Driven Organizations

Human capital is the single most important capability asset within knowledge value chain driven corporations. In the organization’s pursuit to become knowledge driven, it is essential to address human capital challenges with prime focus on attracting, retaining and sustaining knowledge workers. Some of the major challenges are in the domain of talent acquisition, engagement and retention. Current trends show increasing rates of job haping, attitudinal changes, job dissatisfaction, expectancy with regard to increased payments, greater autonomy in workplace and instantaneous career growth. Organizations face dilemma choosing between investing on training potential candidates or on acquiring talent. As talent moves rapidly to countries with better economies, the focus should be on geographical retention. Unequal distribution of knowledge and expertise is highly rampant. Traditional HR practices are no longer effective in motivating knowledge workers. The true challenge for any knowledge driven organization is how its human capital is managed effectively to function in a dynamic environment.

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