School of Management

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The School of Management provides undergraduate and graduate education opportunities. Course work is offered in both traditional  classroom and online format. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degrees are awarded in the School of  Management. The Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) provides a strong background in theory and technical skills for the student who plans to work in government or industry. The MBA program offers students who have not yet decided on doctoral programs the opportunity to determine whether they have the interest and skill required. The Doctoral Degree (DBA) is designed to prepare students to do professional research in their areas of concentration in  a minimum of the three years. Students participation in faculty research programs help them gain experience in applying concepts
and techniques and is considered an integral part of their training.

BBA DegreeMBA DegreeDBA Degree


The School of Management provides effective educational programs primarily directed to fully employed, highly motivated men and women who have a sincere desire to increase their job security. It is aimed towards individuals who want to improve their career prospects , and who want to accelerate their personal development without leaving their present jobs. This is done through an independent study program. The main objectives of the School of Management are:

  • Each student will seek a mastery of basic business tools and skills and an understanding of fundamental business procedures.
  • Each student will seek to understand the role and responsibilities of administrators in the business firm.
  • Each student will seek a level of educational achievement that he/she can then positively impact a firms profits through wise decision-making and implementation of appropriate managerial principles.
  • Each student will seek to understand the total functioning of a business organization as it pertains to making necessary charges for proper organizational development and expansion.
  • Each student in his/her career at the University of Riverside will commence a process of continual educational growth that he/she can apply the most contemporary, and scientific approaches towards the increased efficiently and overall.