Walden University

Dr. Siao is a Child Development professor who works with students to pursue and achieve their academic goals. Working with scholars and other professionals in higher education, Dr. Siao is committed to support and motivate the needs of her students as they navigate their academic careers. Using a variety of active learning strategies, Dr. Siao is able to meets the needs of students by recognizing their unique learning styles, while acknowledging the diverse characteristics of her students.

With over a decade in the field of Child Development, Dr. Siao has the skills necessary
to build and maintain relationships with children and families. She understands the significance of gaining the trust of individuals and the necessity to adapt to the changing needs of families from vulnerable and diverse populations. Dr. Siao is skilled in creating and maintaining strong relationships with community leaders and agencies to connect families to the resources and services necessary to improve the well-being of the child and family.

In her spare time, Dr. Siao reviews manuscripts for several Child Development Journals. Dr. Siao holds a Ph.D. in Human Services with a specialization in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies from Walden University, and MS and BS degrees in Child Development from San Diego State University.